Advent is the season of the year that gives us the opportunity to practice the delicate balance between preparing and waiting. The Bible speaks of preparation as a mark of wisdom. “Learn from the ant,” the proverb says. “It prepares provisions in the summer to have enough food for the winter” (Proverbs 6:6-8). There’s no shame in planning ahead to be ready for uncertain times.
But waiting is important too. More than just an exercisin passivity, waiting can also be an active time to ponder, reflect, and rejoice.
Advent invites us to anticipate the miraculous event of Jesus’s arrival on earth as “the Word made flesh,” while living fully in the present as people called to give glory to God and extend peace and goodwill to our neighbor. We look forward to the miracle of Christmas, yet we acknowledge the wonder and value of each moment leading up to that special day. This Advent devotional was compiled from numerous and diverse voices who have shared their reflections in the Covenant Companion over the years. It is a resource designed to help you enter into a spirit of “active waiting.” Our prayer is that this collection of stories and meditations will inspire you to reflect on the goodness of a God who provided us with a Savior who taught us how to live, died for our sins, and then rose again that we might experience a new birth. May you use this Advent season as a time to perfect the art of preparing and waiting.

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