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We believe in faithfully connecting and serving together as we grow deeper in Christ.




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Sunday a.m. @ 9:30

9999 E Harry Wichita


We are an imperfect community of believers who want to grow in our faith,

and more fully experience the life that God offers to us.
What to Expect
At The Journey, you don’t have to dress up, put on a face, or pretend to be someone you aren’t.  We don’t care about your political party, or who you voted for in the last election.  We desire to be an authentic community of believers moving together toward Christ and seeking to reflect his kingdom on earth while sharing the good news of Jesus with our hurting world.
About Us
The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) is a rapidly growing multi-ethnic denomination in the United States and Canada with ministries on five continents of the world. Founded in 1885 by Swedish immigrants, the ECC values the Bible as the word of God, the gift of God’s grace and ever-deepening spiritual life that comes through a faith with Jesus Christ, the importance of extending God’s love and compassion to a hurting world, and the strength that comes from unity within diversity.
Our Staff
Senior Pastor Kyle Kachelmeier began at The Journey in August, 2016, moving to Kansas from his home state of Minnesota.  Associate Pastor Heather Perkins began in her position in July, 2018 after serving previously as the Worship Director.  Worship Leader Schelby Thompson was raised in the church and assumed leadership for worship in May, 2019.



--- What We Believe


Our essential beliefs are summed up in

what we call Covenant Affirmations.

We affirm the centrality of the word of God.
We affirm the necessity of the new birth.
We affirm a commitment to the whole mission of the church.
We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers.
We affirm a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit.
We affirm the reality of freedom in Christ.
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About Women:


The Evangelical Covenant Church affirms the call to ministry for all persons. We have ordained and fully credentialed women since 1976 and we seek to be a diverse and welcoming church that affirms the calling and gifts of the entire body of Christ.



Whether you want to check us out before visiting, have discovered us online, or just missed being in attendance for a week, we invite you to join our community by listening to a recent sermon.  May the Spirit of God speak to you as you hear the Word proclaimed.
Current Sermon Series
Journey Values: Creating a Culture
that Facilitates Life and Flourishing

Jun 24, 2019
Value Discussion Groups:
"Journey Sermon 6-23-2019" from The Journey's Album by The Journey. Released: 2019.
  • Jun 24, 2019Value Discussion Groups:
    Jun 24, 2019
    Value Discussion Groups:
    "Journey Sermon 6-23-2019" from The Journey's Album by The Journey. Released: 2019.
  • Jun 17, 2019#GoodNews!
    Jun 17, 2019
    "Journey Sermon 6-16-2019" from The Journey's Album by The Journey. Released: 2019.
  • Jun 17, 2019#CentralityofScripture
    Jun 17, 2019
    "Journey Sermon 6-9-19" from The Journey's Album by The Journey. Released: 2019.
  • Jun 2, 2019#IntentionalTransformation
    Jun 2, 2019
    "Journey Sermon 6-2-2019" from The Journey's Album by The Journey. Released: 2019.
  • May 26, 2019#Wrestling in Faith
    May 26, 2019
    #Wrestling in Faith
    "Journey Sermon 5-26-2019" from The Journey's Album by The Journey. Released: 2019.


Sermon Archive

Sermons from previous years
may be accessed via one of the
links found below.

--Coming Events


Camp is Coming

Thank you to everyone who as contributed to the camp fund.  Our intention is to ensure that every young person who desires to attend will have the funds to go to camp.  A final fundraiser – a money tree – will soon be available in the church lobby.  Camp registrations are now due!

Flood Relief Mission Trip

In partnership with Merge Ministries, a denominational missions initiative, we will be participating in a flood relief mission trip to Mead, NE from July 10-14, 2019.  Contact the church office if you would like to participate in this event.




Fun on a Bun!

Join us on Monday nights in June for a new kind of VBS. Starting at 6:30 p.m. elementary aged children will learn about Daniel, sing songs, play games, do crafts and generally have a good time. There is no charge for this event. Everyone is invited!


---Our Values

Value #1: Offering a place of healing and hope.   


Value #2: Joining God in making things right in our broken world.   


Value #3: Showing up Authentically, Treating each other Equally,

                 Honoring our Differences   


 Value #4: Learning to think and act like Jesus.

Value #5: To be Revealed on June 9, 2019
Value#6: To be Revealed on June 16, 2019


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