The Journey
Worship Services Sundays at 9:30 am
We are an imperfect community of Christ followers
offering mercy to each other and working for justice
in our neighborhood and beyond.
About Women
Young Girl
The Journey affirms the full participation of women in all ministries of the church, up to and including the role of pastor. To learn more click here.
About Justice
The good news of Jesus Christ must include healing for
both the spiritual and the physical brokenness of our world.
To learn more, click here.
Our Values
Centrality of Scripture
Celebrating the story
of God’s love for all people.
Good News
Inviting everyone to flourish in a
relationship with God.
Intentional Transformation
Learning to think and act like Jesus.
Love Mercy Do Justice
Joining God in making things right
in our broken world.
Radially Relational
Showing up authentically,
treating each other equally,
honoring our differences.
Offering a place of healing and hope.